Speed test for your website or blog for free

Speed test for your website or blog for free

Try a free Speed test xfinity.com for your: See how easy it is to get our Speedtest free customers.

Our Speedometer is accredited by Ookla and Fireprobe and has servers spread all over the world.

The server closest to your client is automatically selected to ensure the most reliable result!

- Como colocar um VelocĂ­metro no seu Site ou Blog

Why have a meter on my website?

The test is very useful for your visitors to interact with your website and thereby measure the quality of the internet connection.

It is also important for you who have a company that offers broadband services.

Information displayed by the test:

- Download Speed
- Upload Speed
- Ping and Jitter.

✅ 100% responsive.
✅ HTML5.
✅ HTTPS security .

How to Put a Speedometer on Your Website or Blog

Just copy the HTML code, to insert them on your page, Widgets and more.

Embed Code HTML

*If necessary, edit the value of height="600px", to suit the measures of your site.

Test examples

teste velo2

teste velo

teste a velo

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